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저자 : Kim MiJin  |  출판사 : 규장
발행일 : 2021-03-16  |  (148*218)mm 384p  |  979-11-6504-189-2
  • 판매가 : 19,000원17,100원 (10.0%, 1,900원↓)
  • 적립금 : 950원 (5.0%)
  • 배송비 : 무료배송
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Will You Serve God,
or Will You Serve Mammon?

A Life That Loves God and Not Money

Some are unhappy despite having a lot of money, and some are happy despite having no money. This is because money is not what determines one’s happiness. Nevertheless, this equation, which equates money to happiness, burdens the hearts of many.
Mammon’s powerful influence plants a false understanding of money within people’s mind. Mammon makes people value money in and of itself, causing them to chase after money.

However, once we clearly understand what money is, we live a life not with love for it, but a love for God; we learn to love God in all His greatness and learn how to handle money.

It is my hope that the readers of this book begin a journey of reflection on who is happy, who is rich, who is unhappy, and who is poor. I hope that through this journey, readers will gain an understanding of the real function and value of money.

Hong SungGun, Excerpt from the Editor’s Notes
Editor’s Notes

PART I Experience God’s Supernatural Provision

Chapter 1 Supernatural Movement of Wealth
Feed My Sheep
Dedicating My All in the Wilderness
210 Million
The Movement of Wealth for a 30-Pyeong Apartment
The Movement of a Wealth of 15 Billion
The Movement of Wealth Through Relationships
He Opens the Doors to a New Business
OREGIN, A Gift from God
God Owns 100 Percent

Chapter 2 Do You Truly Want to Become Rich (A Holy Rich Person)?
Reborn a True Rich Ma
From Debtor to Holy Rich
God’s Mathematical Equation
Breakthroughs Come from Training
Becoming a Kitchen Aide
From Owner to Employee
Be in the Place of and Within the Methods of God’s Provision
The Courage to Stand on the Edge of a Cliff

Chapter 3 A Life of Faith
God Shows the Next Step to Those Who Obey
How a Luxury Watch Became a Luxury Car
What People Whom God Uses Have in Common
The Turning Point in My Ministry
Do Not Limit the Power of God
Carried in on the Back of Another, Walked out on One’s Own Feet
The God Who Brought Me Back to Life
A Brief Introduction to The King’s Finances Implementation Workbook

PART Ⅱ Restore a Life of the Altar and the Tent

Chapter 1 There Are Three Seasons to God’s Provision
The Season for Supernatural Provision
The Season in Which He Feeds Me the Work of Others’ Hands
The Season to Harvest and Eat What I Have Sown
A Budget Plan of Faith

Chapter 2 Abraham’s Seed, Solomon the Worldly Rich, David the Godly Rich
Transplant Abraham’s Spiritual DNA
Two Strands of DNA in Abraham’s Life (A Life of the Altar and the Tent)
Two Strands of Abraham’s Spiritual DNA (Faith and Faithfulness)
Why Did I Fail?
Single Determination
The Worldly Rich Solomon’s Attitude Toward Riches
The Holy Rich David’s Attitude Toward Riches
My Life as a Holy Rich Person Finally Begins

Chapter 3 The Six Rules of Life
The Correct Relationship with God, People, and Riches
Two Rules on Our Relationship with God
Two Rules on Our Relationship with People
Two Rules on Our Relationship with Riches
Becoming a Multiplier of the King’s Finances

Chapter 4 Is My Arm Too Short?
Remove the Foreign Rabble Within Yourselves
Now Is Not the Time to Ask for Meat
You Will Eat Meat when He Has Enlarged Your Territory
The Mighty Power of the Execution Workbook
Things Just Seem to Work Out for You

Chapter 5 The Heavenly Bank = Good Soil
The Poor
3.3 Percent - The Blessing of “the Other Tithes”
The Two Blessings of Tithes

PART Ⅲ Look After the Poor

Chapter 1 The Miracle of the Five Loaves and Two Fishes Continues to This Day
Give Them Something to Eat
The Lord Does Not Take What You Do Not Have
Must I Close Shop on Sundays?
King’s Finances Training for the Whole Family
About This Time Tomorrow, I Will Turn Around and See You
Taking Ownership of God’s Promise in Faith
Treating My Leprous Spirit by Restoring the Love I First Had
The Characteristics of the Wilderness

Chapter 2 Solicit a Visit from God
A Cry of Desperation
The Way God Works: He Sends the Hornets
Train! Train! And Train Again!
Characteristics of God-Given Riches
Keywords for Moving the Riches of Heaven - Uprightness
Keywords for Moving the Riches of Heaven - Diligence
God Rebukes My Dishonesty

Chapter 3 Those Under Mammon’s Captivity
Judas Iscariot
Gehazi: The Servant of Elisha
Ananias and Sapphira
Give Me Back My Donations
The Worldly Rich
The Life of the Worldly Rich Who Have Been Captured by Mammon

PART IV Awaken the Next Generation of Faith

Chapter 1 The Secret to a Life of Contentment
Be Content
Stop Practicing Usury
Be Faithful with Others’ Wealth
The Equity of God’s Kingdom
Out of Debt into the Light
Having Certainty with Faith
Awaken the Goodness in Korea’s Heart
Let’s Walk Together - MY 5K
Fruit of the 5K Share Love Movement

Chapter 2 The Kingdom of God vs. the Kingdom of the World
There is No Middle Ground for the Believer
Pass on the Inheritance of Holy Riches to Your Children
Awaken the Next and Not a Different Generation
The Obedience of Sacrificing Isaac
The Heroes of the Hero Camp
The Light of the Word Looses Bound Children
I Have Been Transformed by the King’s Finances School for Kids
Children Who Come as Unbelievers and Return as Devotees
Heroes Come to Camp Prepared
The Name That Was Not Erased for Three Days

Final Words
About NCMN Ministries
Kim MiJin
Kim MiJin is a fourth-generation Christian born into a family of faith. Though she achieved great success as an entrepreneur starting in her college years, she gave up on life under the burden of being billions of won in debt. That was when she came across lectures on biblical finances and paid off all her debt by living according to the Word as if her life depended on it.
What she learned as she repented is that “God is our only master, just as He is our sole Provider.”
Her books and lectures have brought countless unbelievers and disheartened people back to the Lord and facilitated God’s grace and miracles; people who were slaves to money finally cleared their debts and began sharing God’s blessings with their poor neighbors and started living life as disciples of Jesus. This book also contains the vivid testimonies of those who have become disciples through the testimonies and lectures of Kim MiJin as well as the training they received through the King’s Finances School after The King’s Finances I was published.
Kim MiJin is currently serving as President of NCMN (Nations-Changer Movement & Network) and the main lecturer at the King’s Finances School. She is the author of the books, The King’s Finances I, The King’s Finances Workbook, The King’s Finances I (English translation), and The King’s Voice (co-authored by Hong SungGun), published by Kyujang.
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도서명THE KING’S FINANCES 2 (왕의 재정2 영문판)
저자Kim MiJin
제품구성상품설명 참조
목차 또는 책소개상품설명 참조
배송방법 택배
배송예상기간 [ 주문 ] 후 [1~2일 이내] [ CJ택배 ](으)로 출고 예정입니다. (토/일/공휴일 제외)
   (갓피플 출고 상품일 경우 제주·도서산간지역은 우체국택배로 출고됩니다.)
소비자 변심(구매착오)에 의한 반품비용 편도 2,500원 (최초 배송비 무료인 경우 4,500원)
청약철회가 불가능한 경우 상품 수령일로부터 7일이 지난 경우 및 전자상거래등에서의 소비자보호에 관한 법률 등에 의한 청약철회 제한 사유에 해당하는 경우 청약철회가 제한될 수 있습니다.
교환 반품 보증 조건 및 품절보증기준 소비자분쟁해결기준 및 관계법령에 따릅니다.
주문취소 및 대금 환불 방법 마이페이지 1:1문의를 통해 신청할 수 있으며, 판매자는 전자상거래등에서의 소비자보호에 관한 법률이 정하는 바에 따른 지연이자 지급의 책임이 있습니다.
A/S 관련 전화번호 1522-0091
거래에 관한 이용약관 확인 방법 당사 홈페이지 하단의 이용약관 링크를 통해 확인할 수 있습니다.
 저자(Kim MiJin) 신간 메일링   출판사(규장) 신간 메일링  

1. 본 상품은 [ 주문 ] 후 [1~2일 이내] [ CJ택배 ](으)로 출고 예정입니다. (토/일/공휴일 제외)
   (갓피플 출고 상품일 경우 제주·도서산간지역은 우체국택배로 출고됩니다.)
2. 배송비 : 무료배송

반품교환정보 및 절차

1. 상품 하자가 아닌 소비자의 단순변심 또는 구매착오에 따른 교환/반품은 상품 수령일로부터 7일 이내에 신청 가능하며,
상품 회수 및 배송에 필요한 비용 왕복배송비 [ 4,500 ]원은 고객께서 부담하셔야 합니다.

2. 갓피플몰 고객센터에 반품 신청을 하신 후 안내에 따라 배송된 택배사를 통해 반품하시면 됩니다.
빠른 처리를 위해 주문자명, 연락처, 반품/교환 사유를 메모하시어 박스 안에 동봉해주세요.

3. 상품의 교환/반품/보증 조건 및 품질 보증 기준
   상품에 하자가 있거나 내용이 표시정보와 상이할 경우에는 문제점 발견 후 30일(단, 수령일로부터 3개월) 이내에 무상으로 교환해드립니다.

4. 상품의 불량에 의한 반품, 교환, A/S, 환불, 품질보증 및 피해보상 등에 관한 사항은 소비자분쟁해결기준 (공정거래위원회 고시)에 따라 받으실 수 있습니다.

5. 대금 환불 및 환불 지연에 따른 배상금 지급 조건, 절차 등은 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률에 따라 처리합니다.

반품교환 불가 안내

1. 반품요청 기간이 지났을 경우
2. 소비자에게 책임이 있는 사유로 상품이 훼손된 경우.
3. 소비자의 사용 또는 일부 소비로 상품의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
4. 시간이 지나 다시 판매하기 곤란할 정도로 상품의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
5. 비닐 등으로 포장되어 있는 상품의 포장이나 봉인 라벨이 훼손됐을 경우
6. 복제가 가능한 상품의 포장을 훼손한 경우(음반, DVD, 소프트웨어 등)
7. 인쇄 및 고객 요청에 의한 주문제작 상품일 경우
8. 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률에 의한 반품규정이 판매자가 지정한 반품조건보다 우선합니다.
상품별 교환/반품불가 사항
의류/잡화 · 상품 상태가 온전치 못한 경우·세탁을 했거나 수선했을 경우
소프트웨어 · CD, DVD, VCD, VIDEO Tape 등 박스 포장을 제거했거나 바코드가 손상된 경우
· 장착 또는 운영체제 등을 설치했을 경우
스포츠 · 사용 흔적이 있는 경우
가구/인테리어 · 주문 제작의 경우 실측 후 제작 중일 경우
식품 · 발송과 동시에 상품의 훼손이 진행되는 경우
악기/음향영상기기 · 사용 흔적이나 설치를 한 경우
· 부품이 망실되었거나 임의로 탈착시켰을 경우